You won’t believe how many people visit Twitter profiles!

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I’ll fill the Twitter profile out later. Who visits profile pages anyway? Nobody, right?

That’s what I thought. People catch Twitter updates in their stream and follow people as they run across them. Of course, running across them often means to also check out their profile to see what they are about. Afterall, who wants to follow irrelevant accounts? Not me. 

In June 2016, for example, over 27,000 visits were recorded to my profile page. Even if some of these are return visitors, that’s a lot of people and I should make sure my Twitter profile provides something of interest. Also, I would think people stop by to decide whether or not they want to follow me on Twitter. 

How I optimize my Twitter profile 

I added a relevant cover photo and change that out as I take new relevant ones. My picture is of me and I try to keep it current. My bio also includes what I do, who I am and where to find out even more about me. 

I also have a pinned tweet on my profile. Given that I tweet around 1,600 times a month I want to make sure that people see something handpicked when they visit the first time. 

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My pinned tweet currently highlights my book but I change it up sometimes. 

One last thought on disclaimers 

Disclaimers are a thing on social media – unfortunately. I don’t use them and am happy to say that nobody requires me to have them. Really, usually they just take up precious space. And after all, behaviors  speak louder than disclaimers anyway

Make sure your Twitter profile shows who you are so people can make an educated decision to follow you or to move on.