You just got Facebook Live: What to do and what not to do!

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  Facebook has been rolling out Facebook Live to everybody in 2016. Some people have had it for quite a while and I just got it enabled on my personal and blog page in early April 2016. I have yet to go live, and let me explain why I’ve been dragging my feet, which is very unusual for me.

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Facebook Live, of course, offers us another way to share our life’s experiences and authentic stories with people we are connected with. From that perspective it’s a great tool. And it certainly will make an impact in the live social media roam. But what are we going to live stream?

The first time that you use Facebook Live all of your friends will receive a notification on their mobile phones and also on their desktop computers.

 That is what makes it so important to make the first broadcast count. Don’t just go live and say “test, test, test.” Share something that’s meaningful. Pretend like you’ve been there before.
Share a meaningful story. Or broadcast something interesting that you’re currently viewing. That could include an interesting event you are participating in. 

Just remember to make sure sure you are sharing something interesting but also don’t overthink it. But if your first few Facebook Live broadcasts are boring or of no to little interest to your audience chances are people will unsubscribe and your Live audience will dwindle quickly.

Of course, to do that effectively, you need to keep in mind who you are talking to on Facebook. For example, if most of your Facebook friends are family, short Live videos of your two-year-old might be of interest to them. But, if most of your connections on Facebook are business related, videos of your two-year-old might not be of interest to them at all.

Facebook Live, of course, is now competing with Periscope, the live streaming app owned by Twitter. I actually used to do quite a few Periscopes. But, what started happening is that I had very few people watching them – anywhere from 2 to 5 people per broadcast. On Twitter on the other hand my tweets are viewed more than 1 million times per month. So I decided to focus more on Twitter and my blog which sees around 8,000 visits per month.

New tools and new channels are great but just make sure to think about their purpose and think about which channel works best for you today. In addition think about future potential. For example, when I first started on Twitter, I didn’t see much potential and today it’s one of my favorite social media networks.

With all that being said, I encourage you to use Facebook Live, if you haven’t, to share your authentic stories with your network. Just keep in mind live video cannot be edited. Whatever is happening when you are live that is being broadcast. Have fun! Be authentic. Be relevant to your communities. 

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