iPhone blogging: Would I recommend the slider function to write blog posts?

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Android phones had this for a while. Slide your fingers across the keyboard and it types the words for you.

It sounds easy and useful and now (as of late 2019) iPhones finally have it. iPads not yet.

I tried to use it as I write most of my blog posts on mobile.

Up to this point I used my two thumbs to type. That seems to work, but of course I’ve done it for years now. I’m also a fan of voice to text dictation. Just not in a public place.

I wrote most of this post sliding my fingers across my iPhone keyboard while flying to Chicago.

Overall it worked well but takes some getting used to.

It felt like I was pushing way too hard. Maybe this is the same reaction that people had moving from typewriters to computer keyboards.

You know? The people who punch a computer keyboard as hard as they used to slam typewriter keys.

It was also weird to use just one thumb and use the other one just to balance the phone.

That was especially noticeable when sliding with my right thumb a word that used letters on the right side of the keyboard.

You also need to lift your thumb between words. When I did accuracy was probably over 90 percent.

Sliding does not work for numbers. Like the 90 above. I had to type that out one by one.

You also can’t switch thumbs in the middle of words. Typing, you can use different fingers for different letters of the same word. That doesn’t work here as the sliding motion must be continuous.

I once covered a conference for four days only using my iPhone. Back then we only could type and my thumbs were sore when it was all done.

I wrote – or slid rather – this entire post. I fixed some mistakes by typing and the typing does indeed seem harder when compared to sliding an article.

I’m sure it’ll take some getting used to – including when to switch hands. I alternated them roughly the last two paragraphs and that seemed to work.

And I have already started pushing less hard than I did when I started this post.

I wonder if sliding will make us type with less thought. Just slide across and it likely will get the word right because your siding was somewhat close.

Nonetheless, I’m getting used to it and can see myself slide more articles in the future.