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Workout time is about perception

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gymselfieHow long a workout is actually taking isn’t always about the actual amount of time but our perception of it.

Some workouts go by so fast. That was 90 minutes? No way! Those are often the ones when we totally get into the lift or run. The weights are flying around. They feel light. We are setting new personal records. We are running faster than ever and it’s not even that much harder.

We can easily add another hour, but can’t because we have to get somewhere else. Darn.

My seven-year-old daughter also put this into perspective the other day.

On weekends, she used to tag along when I visit the gym. She’d hang out and play at the gym’s Kids Club while I’m finishing my workout. The club’s rules say that she could be there for up to two hours.

Since it’s the weekend, my time constraints are less than during the week and I try to get in a longer workout. Two hours for me on a Saturday and Sunday doesn’t seem that  long. In fact, it seems short. So I would push that two-hour limit.

But then she stopped going with me and instead went with her mom, whose workout takes just a bit under one hour.

I asked why? My daughter said: “Because you are there so long.”

Her long was short to me. It’s all about how we perceive things.



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