WordPress rolls out WordPress Stories

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In the spirit of every platform needing all the same features WordPress has now rolled out WordPress stories.

It’s basically the same feature as stories are on Instagram or LinkedIn or Facebook or fleets on Twitter. Facebook has stories too, I guess.

This feature is available to self-hosted WordPress websites like this one that use the Jetpack plug-in which I’ve used for a number of years.

I spotted the feature while I was filing a blog post from my iPhone’s WordPress app while waiting for my softball-practicing daughter.

When you click create a new post you get the options to do a blog post or story post. The blog post is the traditional way like I’m filing an article now.

If you do a story post you can record quick videos or upload videos and pictures and they look very similar to how stories look on all the other networks. The biggest difference is that they publish as a post on your website.

I was able to publish one post but then when I tried to do a longer post the videos just kept spinning and spinning and spinning and nothing ended up uploading.

WordPress Stories are currently only available from the mobile app and will also roll out to the desktop block editor.

They simply publish as blog posts and are available unless you delete them. Stories on social media networks “delete” after 24 hours. Some networks save them in personal archives of the user.

If they upload quickly and don’t take forever to stall like they did in my case a few times this is actually a nice option to do quick video blog entries. And it’s another vertical use case for video.

You can also re-purpose your social media stories this way. So that workflow would look as follows:

Upload or record your stories in Instagram or LinkedIn.

Make sure they are saved to your phone. For example, my Instagram Stories save automatically to my phone. I’m not sure about LinkedIn as I don’t use that as often.

Then take that file from your camera roll and upload it to your WordPress story. WordPress Stories only have a written headline as the only written content associated with it. So a good headline matters even more here for searchability

If you use the Jetpack email functionality which I use for my newsletter the story asset doesn’t show up very well in that email.

So if you use a lot of stories it would be nice to have some introductory copy and then inserting the more tag so people can click over and actually view the content.

Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be an option currently as the only option is to add a title and then publish after you upload your story.

It doesn’t appear that I can turn off the email sent from the mobile app. But I can turn off social push at least for a blog post. To do that go to settings and then scroll down and toggle off the social networks.

So it’s something to think about and consider the trade-offs. If you have a large email list WordPress stories might not be the way to go for you. But if you don’t have a big list yet or any list at all that sends from Jetpack this could be a fantastic solution.

Just like I always do I will certainly keep an eye out for opportunities to use this functionality. And as often as the case I’m sure it will be upgraded and updated in the future as well.