WordPress Design: How to easily create beautiful content links within a blog post

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I ran across this wonderful WordPress function by mistake. They make my related links so much prettier with less work!

You may have seen my related posts in articles. Usually they look like this:

Related content: Headline blah blah blah <<< this is linked

That’s not super visual and sometimes it’s fine. Another strategy is to link phrases of relevance within articles. I like that strategy

I’ve been filing more and more stories over on the Stamats.com digital marketing blog and even did a few podcasts. And then I did an article on why you should do podcasts.

I was going to promote the blog using this graphic one of the Stamats designers created:

And then of course the graphic links to the blog post and it does here.

The reason why photos on blogs should link to something other than themselves 

And when I was working on that I accidentally pasted the URL into my WordPress editor (I use the classic one still and don’t want to change!). WordPress automagically created this cool card:

You can click on the article and go straight over to the article to read it. Clicking the share button allows you to embed the share graphic on your own site:

That’s kind of cool and seems to be easy even for others who see the share box. Simply copying and pasting the URL into my WordPress editor and you get that card is obviously easy. It only seems to work with links from other WordPress sites. I tried it with a DNN link and it didn’t work.

Keeping people engaged and clicking on other content or calls to action is a often a goal and also keeps people busy – isn’t that why people surf the web? LOL. Using this very easy function to share links to related content but have a more visual link graphic.

While I often blog about mobile content creation on here, this functionality currently only works from desktop browsers. I tried it from the WordPress mobile app and the graphic doesn’t appear. It just just the link, hyperlinked at least.

LINK STRATEGIES: Include hyperlinks when relevant

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