WordCamps are full of stories – I remember specifics

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I’ve spoken at a number of WordCamps in 2013 and 2014. All had their unique personalities and I remember specifics from all of them. A good reminder that specificity in stories makes them memorable.

WordCamps are regional WordPress conferences.

Here are my main stories from each.

Dallas/Fort Worth

All speakers received a belt buckle as their gift. Very cool. Also the weather in Texas (compared to Iowa in October) was very nice and it was glad to connect with so many new friends and reconnect with old ones.

WordCamp DFW belt buckle

Omaha 2014
All the speakers stayed in two houses on the campus where the conference was held. The housing had character and brought people together. Some joked and called it Real World WordCamp.



St. Louis 2014
The conference was held on the beautiful campus of Washington University. Unfortunately, winter weather made travel treacherous, but still a great event with plenty of WordPress celebs.

Ottawa 2014
My first time in Canada. The town’s architecture was beautiful.



Las Vegas 2013
Speaker gifts included chips that included the speakers’ photos. Very creative and appropriate.


How I got a ride at WordCamp Vegas:

how i got a ride at WordCamp Vegas

Denver 2013
Denver had two tracks, which made session attendance much larger than I’ve seen at some WordCamps. Also loved that organizers picked speakers up from the airport.


Grand Rapids 2013
The first WordCamp I spoke at. Great venue and even with four tracks attendance was great.

WordCamps are a great way to learn more about WordPress and to connect with other WordPressers. Visit central.wordcamps.org to find one near you.