With Google Plus going away how important is it to download my data?

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Due to low usage Google Plus – Google’s attempt at a social network – is shutting down in April 2019. So now all previous users-or account holders technically speaking- have the chance to go in and download all their content that they potentially have uploaded.

I wonder how much content that actually would be given that it’s closing because of low usage.

That’s of course nice by Google to allow downloads and there might be a reason why some people and businesses actually want to do that.

From my own experience I however will not be downloading any data and typically find that act of downloading data from social networks right as they’re disappearing quite a waste of time.

For one my last post on Google Plus was over two years ago. Secondly, just like I do with all my business content marketing relationships I also use the Create Once, Publish Everywhere strategy in my personal life.

When I take pictures – whether they are of my daughters, my travel or something business related I often post them on various social media channels. But I also post them on either this blog or my daughters’ websites.

See, when they were both born I immediately bought the URL of their names and installed a WordPress site that is password-protected. I upload most if not all of the pictures I take of them on those sites.

Family members have logins and they can check them out if they want to. As the girls get older they may choose to use their name URL for other purposes like a blog or a portfolio or whatever.

I actually went through the process of downloading data from a social media network before. I tried to delete my Facebook account-which is actually much more work than it should be-and in that process downloaded all of my data.

Once you click the download button Facebook takes its time – I felt even though it’s not that bad of a wait-and later emails your data. From there you can download it which I did.

Of course I looked through it and there really wasn’t much of value in the content for me to hold onto it.

Some posts were in the moment commentary on something happening then. Some more pictures-which I already saved somewhere else. And they were other typical social media posts.

Some were posts from the days of Eastern Iowa News.

For my professional business page it looked very similar. Most everything shared to it was shared from Instagram or links back to articles on this site. There’s really no reason to have a record of that forever and ever.

My Google Plus profile:

I had heard some success stories from some companies who saw a nice return an effort from Google Plus but for the most part the opinion in the content marketing community seemed to be that it wasn’t worth using. I also didn’t use it much and interestingly I still have 240 followers despite never having done much actively on there.

That probably happened because Google at some point made it very easy to follow each other. Maybe even automatic. At conferences in some of my social media talks I would make fun that the only thing Google Plus was good for is to get emails about people that you didn’t know that are now part of your circle. “And what’s a Google Plus circle?” I’d joke!

Either way. Google Plus hasn’t been a network that marketers need to pay attention to for a while. Even with the download deadline I’m not so sure anyone needs to pay attention to the network.

The only exception would be and I hope you didn’t do this is if that was the only network you posted your content on. If you did that let’s hop on the COPE bandwagon now.

For highly regulated businesses

Keep in mind that if your business has a record retention policy that may apply here you may want to download for that purpose.

The same can apply to highly regulated businesses. Though, really, chances are if you are in that kind of field you already have screen shots of anything relevant anyway. You may just not remember them because you stopped posting two years ago. ???