VIDEO: With all this hate flying around this needs to be said …

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Social media and even some of the political rhetoric around the world is just pure hateful.

Don’t trust these people. This other group is taking jobs belonging to somebody else. Etc. etc. Who can we trust or hate today seems to be a common theme. Ugh!

That’s the stuff I often see and read unfortunately on the internet and then I head out into the actual-non-digital world-and see people face-to-face.

And guess what: the people that I see face-to-face for the most part are really nice, helpful and even fun to be around.

The races, nationalities and genders vary. Sometimes I couldn’t even tell you what their gender is and I don’t really care.

In September I’ve visited Brazil-where the people were really nice and helpful. Then I went to Germany, where they also were nice and helpful and friendly. And then finally I headed to New York City for a trip sponsored by Adobe for Advertising Week 2017.

I took the subway to Yankee Stadium and as you might imagine since I live in Iowa I don’t take big city subway systems too often. So that was an adventure on its own and turned even more interesting when the guy next to me goes: “heading to the game? I don’t think this line stops at the stadium this time of the day.”

”Oh no. I guess I’ll have to take an Uber from the closest stop.”

Him and the lady next to him were discussing what the next stop actually would be. Just in time the subway started to slow down and actually did stop at the Yankee Stadium stop. Both of them looked at me smiling and appeared happy for me.

On a trip to Germany my driver told me some of the stories of people forgetting things and him having to track them down, and other helpful adventures.

He even offered to pick me up the following morning when I had to take the same route again. How nice is that?

At the airports, for the most part everyone-no matter their race-that I ran into wished each other “good mornings” or “good afternoons and “safe flights” and tried to work with some of the displeasures of air travel nowadays.

You might wonder what the races were of the people in all my stories! I won’t tell you but they were all over the place. But the bottom line is that they were all people and they were all nice.

While I do think it’s important that we keep an eye on the political landscape and also what people are saying on social media and digital media and even traditional media it’s also important to remember that the reality of human interaction off-line is often highly positive.

We all can be the positive change and positivity that we want to see in the world. That doesn’t mean we should forget about the bad things happening out there and we should certainly stand up to them as much as we can.

Finally, as a guy who makes his living in digital storytelling, I certainly hope that some of the positivity out there can be reflected more online as well.

Some more New York City photos just because: