Why you might consider SoundCloud for your podcasts – because it plays natively in Twitter

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How we can distribute our content in new ways while maximizing the existing ways has always been interesting to me. So of course I was excited to see that SoundCloud-hosted podcasts also play natively on Twitter.

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Definitions: What does natively mean?

SoundCloud is a hosting provider similar to a host of others that Max Branstetter and I have also discussed on this Business Storytelling Podcast.

Before we dive into the specific feature here let’s examine quickly where people listen to podcasts. My perception has been that people listen on native podcast apps – like Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and the like.

Which is one reason why podcasters want to be on all these channels and even Alexa devices. That’s also the reason why you often hear podcasters say on their shows or in promos that people “can listen wherever they’re listening to podcasts.”

Even my podcast is available on almost 10 channels, including Alexa devices:

When I look at my metrics it appears people are listening on Apple Podcasts (45 percent) Anchor (20 percent) – which I assume also means the embedded versions of my podcast on websites and other was 24 percent.

Looking at my most popular podcast ever it’s broken out a little more:

So people are also listening on Spotify, Stitcher and even iTunes from their desktop.

But people listen directly on those platforms. Even when I share my Spotify version to Instagram Stories you end up going back to the Spotify app to listen.

When I share podcasts from Anchor to Twitter here’s how that looks:

So you see the preview image but then have to click over and leave your Twitter stream. With SoundCloud that looks differently as I’ve spotted in the wild recently.

The player is directly there where most other tweets have the preview image. Once you click you can see that it’s loading.

Once it loads it opens full screen in the Twitter app and plays.

The one problem with how this plays in my opinion is that if you go to a different app it doesn’t keep playing in the background which is what the other podcast channels do. But, if you have a large following on Twitter this could be a way to get your show in front of them even more.

Of course there are other apps that do not play in the background as well and it’s probably just a matter of time before that will change in this use case as well.

At the very least I wanted to share this because different strategies work for different brands and if you have a good Twitter following this might be worth trying.