Why “waiting it out” is never a good digital marketing strategy

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“Let’s just outwait the Internet.”

“This will pass. People will move off <insert latest thing.>”

“That won’t work for us. They are unique.” ⬅️⬅️ when comparing our organization to another’s success 

Please, please, pretty please. Let’s agree to stop the excuses.

Chances are that some people might be just fine to outwait whatever the current trend is and make it to retirement or financial independence or whatever. 

But things will continue to change and we might as well figure out how to play in the current and evolving system. 

Remember traditional news media? How many were ignoring digital transformation and to a degree still are? Let’s go. We need good journalism – no matter the current platform. #journalismmatters

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I personally love  leading brands who really don’t have to change today. They are doing fine but yet I hear this kind of theme:

“We don’t want to change for today,  but for a year from now. What can we do to be prepared?”

That’s exactly the way to do it. Try new things now. Ride the wave until it’s no longer a wave. Then ride the next one. ? 

I’ve blogged about why many talks at social media conferences are a waste of time before. And some people said, see even you are saying that …

  • conferences are a waste of time 

  • social media doesn’t work

Related: Why many talks at social media conferences are a waste of time

That’s not what I’m saying at all. What I’m saying is that unless we try the new thing, whatever it might be, NOW you might as well start focusing on the next new thing. 

I see so many content marketing surfers try to ride waves ? that are no longer waves. Surfing ? in still water is pretty hard. ? 

The trick – especially in larger organizations with all kinds of Approval Hell – is to empower a group of people to be nimble and adjust on the fly toward a stated goal and mission. 

As long as things align they move and try.

  • No congressional hearing on whether or not do a Facebook Live. Do it!
  • No personal opinion nitpicking on social posts. Did it work or not? If no, why not? Adjust!

I do think I know why this is hard: We like routines and certainty. And an ever changing digital marketing landscape doesn’t provide that. This can especially be dangerous to people who are successful and have risen the ranks. 

“Let’s not risk anything now.”

But remember, how much we risked to get to today. Uncertainty is a part of digital marketing. But there’s a way to deal with it: Embrace it, ride the wave and never stop. 

Make the evolution the routine. Change is constant! No sighing allowed! 

Surfers ride the current wave and then move to the next one. They might talk about that last one because it was awesome, but it’s now gone. They just go ride the next one. That’s what content and digital marketers should do, too. It’s even kind of fun. Just be sure to find some waves!