Why to write content adjacent to your sweet spot on your (corporate) blog 

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You hear me talk about the importance of being clear about what your content niche is. This is the content that you are an expert in and that you have a defined audience for and that you share on your (company) blog.

Everything we produce and then distribute needs to fit into that category. For example: Our target audience is chief marketing officers who care about problem XYZ. So all  content produced and that we spend time on needs to fit into that model.

And often times that is a great guide for finding and then sharing those useful stories. But sometimes it can also be a hindrance when we overthink it. 

And sometimes, there is currently nothing going on that would be of interest to those audience members in that narrowly defined topical area. And some kind of marketing experts might say that we just shouldn’t publish anything at that time. Don’t play into the content marketing rat race and publish stuff that’s less than perfect. By the way, what ever is completely perfect? Not much.

Instead of not publishing anything I would recommend to publish something that’s slightly off center of the main topic.

Sharing related stories to our main expertise and still with our target audience in mind actually offers value.

For example, on this blog I write about storytelling and content marketing tactics. Often times I tie them together with  journalism topics. So that’s that in a nutshell, but some of the stories that perform the best are stories about very specific social media tools and social media problems.

  • How to change your personal Instagram account to a business account
  • How to do Instagram Live
  • Is Periscope worth it?
  • How to edit your LinkedIn status?
  • Why is the text on my Facebook Live backwards?

And others just like it. Many of my core topical posts get good readership as well but the slightly off center topics get more views than I would’ve expected, given that they’re not the main focus of the blog.

But they’re related. Today’s corporate marketer and communicator needs to use a wide range of tools and networks to actually share their stories. And while the storytelling aspect is important we still have to know how to use the tools to actually distribute them. The best stories after all win! But it’s actually the best stories that are also the best promoted and distributed that win. 

So that’s why those related topics are also very important to the main readership.

 What does that have to do with your corporate blog? 

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Doing a corporate blog can and will pay off when done right and well. One of the biggest challenges usually is to stay on a schedule and create content that people actually want to consume and that at some point helps your organization drive more business.

When our topic is too narrow it might be too hard to produce those regular posts. What’s a regular posting schedule look like? I would recommend at least once a week just as a goal. I post a couple times a week on here sometimes less but usually more. At least once a week.

But if my topic was too narrow it would be very hard to actually get to the point of publishing. Blogging about related topics to my main topic helps me continue to share my stories and – more importantly – figure out which pieces of the over arching topic the audience reacts to the most favorable.

I would recommend giving it a try and seeing which exact topics and related topics your audience reacts to. Planning is great but don’t overthink it and don’t let it stop you from sharing stories that can have an impact. Stories not shared can never have an impact.