Why this guy now wears makeup when speaking at conferences

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

I really enjoy speaking at conferences and connecting with the audience. Recently I’ve started using a new approach where I throw emojis at audience members to show the different types of content. Here are some pictures from a 2017 talk in Berlin that I haven’t shared on here yet:

And while I practice my talks, especially the ones that are new, I never thought about putting on makeup. Has never even crossed my mind.

And then I was shooting a video interview with longtime video editor Brian Cohen and of course there was a glare on my bald head from the lights and I had to put some makeup on. That’s really not that unusual and I always wear makeup when I go on TV. It’s just the thing to do so I wasn’t that surprised when Brian asked me to apply some more.

While we were talking and also while I was practicing my lines he asked me if I put on makeup when I’m speaking at conferences around the globe.

I said that I don’t and that I never even thought about that. Why would I?

“There are glaring lights on you just like during a video shoot,” he responded.

And people take pictures and usually somebody is shooting video so they probably get footage of that glare. I’m usually so conscientious off it during TV interviews and other video-related shoots I never even thought about makeup during conferences. Maybe that was a subconscious reason why I wore a smiley face baseball hat in Berlin at times. I don’t know. LOL

But seriously it’s really something I’m now considering and hopefully will remember to do when I’m speaking at conferences. Before you go onstage get touched up so the glare from my bald head is gone. The other thing is even if I wasn’t bald there’s also a little bit of a glare on my face so it’s also a good strategy from that perspective.

And now I already have the Cover Girl product at home so I just have to remember to pack it when I’m heading to conferences.

Who knew I would ever be offering makeup tips on this blog… ??