Why some goals are a waste of time in content marketing 

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I’m all for goal setting and they’ve helped me professionally and personally reach many successes. 
But many times the goals I’ve set weren’t very specific to measurement. They were specific to intent and mission. 
When I lost 130 pounds my goal wasn’t to lose 130 pounds. It was to get healthy and lose weight. I weighed 330 pounds. Ouch. In fact, had somebody pushed me to set a number I would have likely thought that 30 pounds was the max for sure. 

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Over my storytelling content marketing career I used to set goals because, well people wanted them and executives often expect them. So you need something. But then something changes, a new network emerges to help us share our stories better or a specific story unexpectedly takes off, and we just tripled our initial target goal. 

Sometimes we set financial goals. This year, I want to make x amount from speaking engagements. And then some big-name conference comes calling and the financial goal was nearly reached just through that one contract. 

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I’m super-competitive and highly motivated by performance. I actually get quite easily bored when I’m not working toward some bigger goal. And those are the goals I like to set. 

Something with a bigger purpose. How can I share knowledge and information in the most efficient a constant – yet not annoying – way? Let’s go after that. 
I then look at how to get my message in front of as many interested community members as possible. 

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What’s an interested community? 

  • I have a book, which people can buy.
  • I can be hired to speak. 
  • People can read my blog – for free, though there are ads on some pages.
  • People can sign up for my email that lets them know when new blog posts have published.
  • I’m always happy to connect with people on social media. 
  • Finally, people can hire me for services here and there. Remote and on-location. 

My goal is offer as much relevant information as possible – in whatever channel people prefer. My goal of being relevant keeps me going and the numbers for all those categories continue to go up. So far, I’m on track to reach my goals. 
I don’t want simple goals I can check off an arbitrary checklist. I want goals that matter longterm for me and my communities.