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Why Periscope live video should also include timeless content [SOCIAL MEDIA]

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I had hopped off the Periscope bandwagon for a while here. Why would I spend time live broadcasting something on the Twitter-owned app that was being viewed by just a handful of people? It didn’t seem worth it, but Periscope has made some changes. 

Scopes, what live streams are called, can now remain public for longer than 24 hours. That, of course, can turn them into a longer term content asset. 

Before, when Scopes were only available on Periscope for 24 hours the majority of viewers had to watch live or shortly after. Sometimes the time was just not convenient for people to hop on a live stream.  Scopers, by the way, have the option to keep broadcasts around or set them to expire in a day. 

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But now, since Scopes will be available for longer, I would recommend thinking about sharing content that is still relevant later on. 

This could include: 

  • Sharing a story that solved a problem.
  • Explaining how to do something. 
  • Being inspiring. 
  • Comedy? 
  • Going beyond just sharing the latest news. 

This also opens the door for organizations who struggled with the value of Periscope when just a couple of people watched. Now the viewership can increase later. You can even reshare old videos over and over. 

Currently, you can’t embed saved Scopes on your website, but that will be a future update and could extend the value of Scopes even more.

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But are more people watching the replays than the live broadcasts? I kept on eye on that over four recent Scopes and my numbers – though relatively small compared to rockstar Scopers – do confirm that more replay viewers than live  viewers tune in. 

Here’s a look at those numbers:

My goal is to continue sharing my authentic stories and thoughts on Periscope. I’ll try to strike that balance between making it a good in-the-moment discussion but also keeping it interesting and relevant for those watching later.

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