Why is my Uber driver showing me an animated video about his Uber trips history?

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Probably because Uber asked them to and they listened. ?

Let me back up here for a moment: I’ve been driving Uber and Lyft – typically when I’m commuting or out and about anyway.

I’ve been a fan over the years and even lost top-level status with Hertz because I took more rideshare while traveling. That seems to be changing again as I am finding myself renting more cars again.

Recently Uber shared a video in the app that apparently drivers are supposed to show to their passengers.

It’s kind of along the concept of those Facebook videos that highlighted your history. They are kind of all the same and share highlights. Or potential highlights.

You can watch the whole Uber video here and here are some screenshots. I’ve given over 300 rides to people from 5 countries. (USA, Poland, India are the ones I can name based on what riders said)

Apparently I drive more in the evening than the morning – based on my sunset – sunrise ratio.

I’ve had a good amount of five-star trips. So it appears I’m following my own customer-focused strategies.

And my longest streak was almost 50 rides. It probably broke when somebody wanted me to stop and wait for them while they’re shopping at Walmart. I don’t appreciate stops and usually just drop people off. Usually that’s an automatic one star rating by them.

And Uber says they can’t measure everything that I’ve done I have made a difference according to their video.

Of course, Uber can measure all kinds of things. When I first started driving they would give me a report of how smooth my driving was. I assume that was based on how the phone would move during the drive.

So if you can measure that where are the limits?

The whole video is one minute which of course in the world of a busy traveler is one minute that could’ve been spent on driving.

And it’s not like you can hand over the phone for the rider to watch and you to drive. I need the phone for the GPS.

So why Uber would think that this is a good idea to ask drivers to show this video I don’t know. ?‍♂️

My perception would be that riders care about getting from point A to point B in a safe manner.

Some riders don’t even want to have a conversation which is fine but why does Uber think they would want to watch this video?

To encourage tips?

As rideshare drivers were striking for higher pay I discussed the topic with some of my riders.

And often times the discussion came back to whether Uber or Lyft is cheaper for riders. For the most part the driver pay wasn’t a concern to the customer. I can’t blame them. Though it could become a concern to them when there is not enough drivers anymore to actually pick them up in a timely manner.

Obviously rideshare services can’t exist without those drivers. While self-driving Lyfts are being tested I have my doubts that they will be implemented anytime soon.

As a marketer myself I don’t even see a reason why we would want to show a video like this to our passengers who are already currently consuming the product and are trying to take advantage of its benefit-namely to get from one place to another in efficient and cost effective way.

As a driver I wouldn’t show the video to anyone in my car and as a rider I hope drivers won’t show me theirs.

The conversation often does lead to how long drivers have been driving for rideshare but that doesn’t mean I want to watch a video about it. The topic is an easy conversation starter-it’s the rideshare version of talking about the weather.

But anyway. If your driver is showing you that video now you know why.