Why I’m so excited that my podcast has reached over 100 listens [Metrics commentary]

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Metrics in marketing, journalism and storytelling are interesting: No matter how good the numbers are, we always want more.

I’ve seen over 1 million readers to this blog and of course now I want 2 million. I’ll be sure to tweet that accomplishment when we get there. I’m sure when I get there I’ll want 3 million.

Of course, my little blog is doing just fine, but my podcast is in a more early stage.

It’s been listened to and is growing slowly, but steadily.

After my show from Citi Field about Uber issues listens flipped into the triple digits. ?

That’s worth celebrating and is a milestone – though a small one.

But the small milestones add up in digital marketing, content marketing and life.

I remember when I finally hit triple digits per week and then per day on here. Traffic is now a ways upward from that, but those mattered and gave me hope to keep going.

Glad I did. Sharing stories and content that matter is awesome – personally professionally and for the audience.

I hope you keep hope to keep sharing content that matters. We all start at zero and as long as it keeps going up we have a chance to stay relevant for our audience.