Why I won’t be doing roundup posts

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Roundup posts are a bit of the rage right now in the content marketing world. Bloggers interview real and perceived experts and people who have large followings. They will then publish a post with all their opinions, link to the experts and most of the experts will also link back to the post and even promote it on their channels.

Chicago-based Andy Crestodina called this “ego bait” in his Content Marketing World 2016 keynote.

And I’m happy to participate in roundups. Ego or not, I’m also more likely than not to promote them. But I will not do them on here anytime all.

Why roundup posts work
Roundup posts do help with traffic. Including 20 experts means you just added 20 networks to your distribution strategy. They share it and their networks take part in that sharing and will amplify your post as well. Sounds like a solid strategy.

It’s a piece of two distribution strategies:

  • Social media – people will likely share it there.
  • SEO – some experts and their networks might also link from their own blogs or websites to the post. That linking can help with your Google Juice (aka “if everyone is linking to it it must be credible – or at least good.)

I know I often share roundup posts that quote me on here – only when I think it’s of value to you – my readers – though.

Why I participate in roundup posts when asked 

One of my current life goals is to spread the message and practice of authentic storytelling content marketing. If somebody finds my thoughts and opinions fitting for their audiences I’m happy to share them with them.
Realistically, responding to most roundup requests and the related questions takes minutes so the time investment is minimal.

Why you won’t see roundup posts anytime soon on this blog 
This blog is about my authentic stories and the art and science of authentic storytelling in content marketing. And while we can learn from others and I do share other people’s stories from time to time, that’s not the point of the blog.

If somebody wants to share their own authentic thoughts and stories I encourage them to do that on their own blog or even LinkedIn if they don’t have a blog. If you need help getting started just let me know.

So with that mission, vision and purpose in mind, I likely won’t be doing roundup posts on here.

There are plenty of different tactics out there that help us drive traffic and grow our audiences. Some work well with our brands and some don’t. Choose the ones that do and don’t use the ones that aren’t a perfect fit.