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Why I LIKE the Facebook DISLIKE button

Christoph Trappe

September 15, 2015

Social media

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like buttonFacebook adding a dislike button could be a great addition for Facebook users. The announcement that Facebook is going to test the button was reported by The Next Web on Sept. 15, 2015.

Now, when brands share overly promotional messages in my stream of friends’ baby pictures, humble brags and other personal updates I can publicly show that I disliked somebody’s message. I hope Facebook will use this to show me more relevant content. And brands can use it to refine their content to be more like a dinner party and not an advertising stream.

It will be interesting to see how brands will use the data they can gather from getting the thumbs down. Now, I know many brands who proudly report (and they should) how many likes a post received. Will they use the negative feedback? I hope so.

Facebook dislike button can mean show of support

It could get interesting when a post is of a negative nature and we want to show our support but the only way to do that is by pushing the dislike button – because you know we don’t really like what happened. For example, let’s say somebody shares a story of a disaster or something else similarly bad. We may want to show our support, but it’s not something that we would like. We would click dislike, but really it’s a sign of support and acknowledgement.

Maybe we need an “OK, I read this” button next?

Seriously, though, the dislike button could end up being a great tool to get a better pulse on true engagement. Just don’t feel too down on yourself when more people dislike a post than like it.

Since we can’t like everything going on in our and our (Facebook) friends’ lives, a dislike button is just part of life. I applaud Facebook for finally adding it. I may start feeling differently when people start disliking my posts … 🙂

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