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Twitter shuts down Dashboard app

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As you can see in my original post below, I liked the Dashboard app and even used it in place of the regular Twitter app for some time.

As of early 2017, Twitter announced it will shut the app down and start integrating it into the main app. Good call!

You can see my 2016 overview and review below, and I especially would love to see the metrics piece integrated into the Twitter app. I used that all the time.
July 2016 post:

Why I deleted the Twitter app from my phone and now use the Ddashboard app

In early July 2016 I deleted the Twitter app from my iPhone. Completely. I was quitting cold turkey. And I love Twitter. Ha. Well, Twitter wasn’t completely getting rid of me. Just the app was getting dumped. Here’s why…

Twitter in late June 2016 released a new Dashboard app, specifically designed for small- to medium-sized businesses.

I thought I would try it and realized that it did what the Twitter app does and more. Plus, it was taking up less storage on my phone, which was always running out of storage.

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Some of the design and usability is different, but all the things I use are there.

Some of what the Dashboard app does that is different from the Twitter app:

It lets you schedule posts!

I typically use SocialOomph to schedule the Tweets I schedule, but this is a nice addition. To see scheduled Tweets, go to CREATE.

I also like how the app shows brand mentions. This is different from Twitter. If somebody says “Trappe” without tagging me, that Tweet likely will show up in the mentions section inside the app.

It even shows Tweets from blocked people when they mention you. That can be good and bad.

Of course, we can read our timeline and even manage multiple accounts – just like in the Twitter app.

The Analytics tab gives a quick glance at metrics for various time periods. It’s great to have this in a format that is easily viewable on mobile. That wasn’t previously available.

Overall, Twitter could add some branding to the logo and the app, but I like the experience. I also appreciate that it’s more lightweight than the regular Twitter app.

Five stars so far!

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