Why brands should like posts on social media!

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The year 2017 was my busiest year ever on the road: Over 110,000 miles, 17 states in the United States and three continents with over 100 days away from home. ? ?

As you might imagine I have my favorite airline, I like Ubers and I typically stay in Marriotts or Sheratons -especially now since they’re combined.

Today’s story is really about hotels and social media. And while I do book through those two chains’ website brand recognition is still huge. And brand recognition is actually very fickle. I’ll give you an example from healthcare that happened to me personally: I tried to call a healthcare provider and the first two that I called weren’t even my providers but the names were so close that it took me a while to figure out and remember what the actual name of my provider was.

Anyway, think about the same thing with hotels: every Marriott also has the name Marriott in its name-typically.

Unless there was some really outstanding experience it’s actually kind a hard to remember without looking it up which hotel you were staying at. Especially if it’s not one of those hotels where you stay at often. For example, the Sheraton at the Düsseldorf airport is the hotel I stay at often when seeing my mom and I have a number of reservations on file with them already. Plus, what’s memorable about them is that they occupy one floor only all the way around a parking structure, but yet the view from the rooms is fantastic:

Another hotel that’s been sticking out for me is the Moxy Munich Airport. I booked it because it was actually the cheapest Marriott in Munich when I was visiting there right around the time of Oktoberfest 2017.

But it was clear that it was a Marriott with personality and character. Overall, the stay was pretty good and I would give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

They ended up connecting with me on Instagram and probably did because I tagged them in a photo:

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But anyway, the Munich Hotel and myself have been connected on Instagram. And every once in while they like my pictures, which can look like this in my notifications:

Of course, there’s also a way to overdo the liking of other people’s posts but doing it within reason and every once in a while actually helps brands stand out and potentially be even more memorable.

Like in this example. I’m noticing that they are liking my posts. Every time I notice their brand name is top of mind.

Now, do I often book hotel rooms in Munich? Not that often but when I do this hotel likely will be top of mind – in part for the excellent experience and also in part for the ongoing connection.

Of course, it can take staff time to do social media but why not simply allow and encourage the social media manager to follow relevant people, look through the timeline from time to time and like posts? It’s literally what all the humans do on social media.

So, something to consider for brands and potentially and hopefully try making engagement a two-way street.

What if we like the wrong thing?

I know social media engagement can be taken out of context but for brands that are worried about liking meaning endorsement I don’t know that that’s always the case. Certainly, I would not recommend liking offensive and potentially illegal posts by people but a lot of times the like just signals acknowledgment. Let’s not overthink it but think just the right amount about it.

What are your thoughts? Drop me a note.

Maybe the best way to go about it is to figure out how to reach your target audience and then connect with their content and hope that they connect with yours in return. For example, for a hotel like the one in Munich people who have stayed there and have tagged them are certainly in the target audience and are probably worth connecting with.