Which social media network is currently best for video? [SPRING 2018]

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You hear me talk about digital marketing – and especially social media – waves. Waves of strategies that work for a while and then they stop working. Current example: What social media channels are best for video?

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YouTube used to be king. Facebook used to be important. Instagram maybe. Twitter doesn’t come to mind really, but you can upload video there too.

So which one performed best for me in a May 2018 sponsored campaign with UK-based Vidbuild?


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None of those. LinkedIn had way more views than all the others combined.

Here’s what I did:

I posted the exact same video natively and added the same copy, including hashtags, to the following networks:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

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I have to say it felt strange to post video to LinkedIn, but the upload was super easy and quick.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram totaled organic (non-paid) views of around 200 combined. LinkedIn ➡️ Over 1,200. ?

Now, like anything in social media don’t expect this wave to last forever. So try it now.

Of course, I wanted to try it again so published a video from a Puerto Rico trip to LinkedIn.

I posted that just in time for LinkedIn to push out an update to push hashtag use on mobile. And now views of videos or posts aren’t even showing on the app. Ugh. So no idea how many watched that video.

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Either way, video on LinkedIn seems to be a wave worth riding currently. Most waves don’t last so ride it quickly.

Don’t necessarily start out producing LinkedIn videos – but repurpose what you have and see.

If you are producing ones for LinkedIn, don’t enter a three-month planning cycle. Just try it. The strategy might not even work still at the end of the year. That’s digital marketing and content distribution for ya! Things change.