Where would you go to find somebody? Facebook or Google?

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

In January 2016, somebody’s cat ended up camping out in our front yard. Of course, my daughters declared that we “now have a cat.” I even got some puppy eyes while that case was made.

But, it was somebody’s cat and, really, I don’t need or want a cat. Good thing it had an Animal Control collar with unique identifier on. We called them to see if they could track down the owner, but the phone numbers on file were outdated. They did have the owner’s name and gave that to me. (It’s a public record in Iowa.) 

I decided I would see if I could find him and instinctively went to Facebook to look him up. Everyone is on Facebook, right? No luck finding him there.

I called the local police department to see if they could locate him and could pick up the cat. The dispatcher was also unable to find him in their system, but an officer was now en route to get the cat.

Next, my wife texted to let me know that she found his address – a street over – by searching for his name on  Google.

How old fashioned. LOL. Seriously, though, wouldn’t it be nice if all these different channels could be searched from one location? That could certainly eliminate us forgetting about one or the other. Ten years ago, I would have gone to Google instinctively – no doubt. This time around it didn’t even cross my mind. Weird. 

Either way, social media might be hot and many of us are focusing there, a good old fashioned web search still works and remains relevant. 

So, what happened with the cat? I tweeted that question to the police department. They replied promptly to let me know that the cat was picked up, but the owner wasn’t located.