Where should I put text on Instagram Stories images?

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

I’m a huge fan of Instagram Stories and have done more and more with them.

Animations, hashtags and sometimes tagging ourselves are all strategies that can enhance our storytelling and audience building.

So is text on the screen to share more of the story. Some creators use it as quasi captions.

I use text often myself in my Stories.

I like to keep the text:

  • At a good size so it’s easy to read
  • Away from the bottom where some viewers get the message bar.

Here’s actually an example where the message bar accidentally covered up the caption text:

If you have the message function turned on and it is by default make sure to not put text into that lower strip.

It’s certainly easy to forget that the strip is there as it’s not showing when creators upload their images.

It also doesn’t show when creators look at their own Stories- as you can see at the screen shots way above.

Easyish solution: Don’t place text there!

You may also choose to turn messaging off in which case you wouldn’t have to deal with that problem.

How to turn messaging off in Instagram Stories

Go to settings, then privacy and security and click on Story Controls.

Then decide your message settings, which are to allow messages from:

  • Everyone
  • People you follow
  • No one

That’s a personal (brand) decision on what to check here. Turning them off gives you more real estate for content. But it can also hinder messaging.

Of course, if you’ve added the contact buttons – email and call – to your Instagram profile people can still message you quite easily anyway.

Content creation for all the different channels out there can be interesting. The network subtleties can be easy to forget. But we can just adjust as we notice them. Like in this case.