When WordPress picture uploads aren’t working, try this…

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I’m still not a fan of routinely using stock art images in any kind of digital storytelling. Of course, there are reasons why we might need an image and can even find one, but what’s the point of using that group photo of a diverse group of smiling professionals pointing at the laptop in front of them? There isn’t.

But, I’m a fan of using images that help us tell stories and that are original. I use photos on here all the time! And it’s easier and easier to get them. I always have a camera (aka my iPhone) with me.

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The problem with WordPress image uploads…

For a while now, I’ve run into problems uploading some pictures to my blog – which is a self-hosted WordPress site. I have no idea why this is happening but I found a way to upload the images after continuously getting the error message.

Sharing is caring and hopefully this shares you some headaches if you are running into the same issue.

First,here’s how the error looks: I try to upload images directly in the post when I’m writing. In the mobile app, this problem doesn’t appear to exist. On desktop, it looks like the image is uploading and then I get an error message:

HTTP ERROR (Top right)

Once that happens, trying again doesn’t work either. The solution is easy, though. Simply go to the MEDIA LIBRARY on your dashboard and add the images there:

add wordpress media

Then simply go back your saved draft and add the images from the existing files area. Easy breezy workaround.

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