When we don’t like our story, keep writing it!

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every day is a new chapterThere have been days when I didn’t like the story I was currently living.

You probably had them, too.

What in the world am I doing here? Why am I associating with these people? And why am I working in an Industrial Age job when this is supposedly the Participation Age?

So when the story isn’t happening the way we want it to or we are reacting to situations differently from what we actually would prefer to be like, what are our options?



Let’s see:

  • Complain how it’s everyone else’s fault and if they were to do A then we would do B.
  • Deal with it.
  • Act out like we are 5.
  • Start rewriting our story.

What’s easy to forget is that we all hold the pen (or sit at the keyboard) of our own stories. While there certainly are many things that appear to be out of our control, there also are many things that are within our control.

Sometimes, we may have to risk a bit more than getting stuck in rush hour. But ultimately, our stories are up to us. We can choose to behave the way we are behaving, for example.

Somebody somewhere once said that people can’t change their behaviors. In return he/she asks: If somebody walks in that door right now with a gun pointed at you. Could you stop and change in a half a second?

Yes, is usually the answer. (If you know who said this, let me know and I’ll add a link.)

We can change if it comes down to life or death! Right then! No questions asked! We make that choice. We don’t have to. We could continue down the road we were heading and deal with the consequences.

Weapons and life or death scenarios aside, the same is true for every situation we are in. We have choices, even if we think we don’t. Sometimes the people who are apparently holding the power think you don’t have an option either and you believe them. Because they said so.

Ultimately, we are in charge of writing our own stories. I encourage you to take charge of yours. That doesn’t mean we don’t need other people, their insights and support! We do. What kind of story would that be if there’s just one person in it? LOL.

So when our stories aren’t being written the way you envisioned them, keep writing, finish the chapter and then start the next one in line with your storyline. Live your perfect story, then write it – one chapter at a time.

Full disclosure since I often get questions when I write blog posts like this: This post is not the reflection of a personal situation anywhere in my life. It’s a reflective blog post on the situation in general. You don’t have to feel sorry for me, but I hope you still feel inspired to write that next chapter of your story. Thanks for reading this far down in this blog post. 🙂 – @ctrappe