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When to tag people in social media photos and when not to

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Tagging people in social media photos can extend the reach of those photos, which is likely why some of us want to tag everyone and their brother – so to speak. 

But be careful with tagging people who are not actually in the photo. It could be considered spam or at least annoying. See, even when you upload a photo to Twitter, it doesn’t say:

Who should see this picture?

It says: 

Who’s in this photo?

Some people, however, can “get away” with tagging people who aren’t in a photo. Here are the items usually at play: 

  • They have an established relationship. 
  • The content shared is highly relevant to the person tagged. 

A good litmus test is what the person tagged does:

  • If they untag themselves, the tag was inappropriate. 
  • If they like, comment or share in a positive way it was appropriate. 
  • If they unfollow or block the tagger that’s really not a good sign. You’ve overdone it. 

It all depends on the relevance of the content, timing and maturity of the relationship. 

If some brand I don’t know tags me because they want to reach all of you through me, that’s often spammy. 

Recommended reading: Everyone is an influencer to somebody. 

In general, I would recommend to only tag people in photos – no matter the network (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all allow it) – when people are actually in them.

Once you have identified a passionate group for a topic you might try tagging people here and there to make sure they saw the content.  Gauge their reactions and adjust as necessary. 

On a personal note, I only tag people when they are in the photo. For example,  I posted this Tuesday quote to Twitter below:

And as you can see, the invitation to tag people is right there. It’s so tempting and I could think of a few people who might appreciate seeing this today. But I don’t know for sure, so I didn’t tag them. 

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