When social media alerts are better than Google Alerts

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You see me swoon over Search Engine Optimization. Write for SEO! Yes, yes, yes we are on Page 1 OR crap, why aren’t we?

You might even say that SEO has overtaken my love of social media. It has to an extend for when it comes to results. SEO drives people to your site that have intent. Your content is helping them somehow. On social media, engagement is much more about scrolling by people just looking around.

SEO is like looking for a store, then getting on a plane to Chicago, getting on the L and visiting the store.

Social media is more like you are in Chicago for a business meeting and happen to walk by the store. The time might be good or you are busy. You are scrolling walking by the store.

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I use many tools that draw on SEO  basics, including Google Alerts. I currently have about 40 alerts set up – including for my name, Christoph Trappe. Google Alerts have let me know about things I wanted to know about!

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Like many things in digital marketing and brand reputation management it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Sometimes it works great and sometimes it doesn’t trigger at all.

This was the case when Atomic Reach listed me as a Top 50 Content Marketers to follow. Thanks for the mention!

Sometimes I get notified by email of these listings when the curator alerts me. Of course they want the list to be shared. In fact, most companies that do Top Anything lists do them for marketing purposes. If all these influencers share it, that can drive traffic to the curating site!

Other times, I get a Google Alert.

And sometimes, I get notified via social media mention. That’s what happened here. A Twitter chat organizer from India tagged me in it first:

And that was the only notification I’ve seen of the listing. In fact, I missed Ancita’s post completely and was pinged by Twitter when Anup chimed in.

It’s a good reminder that social media tags and mentions certainly can  be great alerts of what others are saying about you.

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Certainly, we can miss notifications and I have. In fact, as I mentioned in my Mean Tweets video, sometimes people will call me out on that: “We can’t believe you didn’t respond in 3 seconds.”

Social media can get a bad rep and sometimes it’s deserved, but this is one way it can still be used as a great monitoring tool. Just make sure you are listening AND then be sure to respond to people as much as possible.

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