What’s there to like about Periscope?

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christoph periscopingI’ve done a few dozen live streams on Periscope, the still somewhat new live-streaming app. I kind of like it and continue to look for opportunities to use it. I’m definitely recommending it to clients to use.

I did a Periscope on the topic and the YouTube version of it is below, but here are some of the things I love about Periscope in writing:

  • It’s live and people do what they do. No editing of the truth or story. It’s authentic.
  • People look like people.
  • People behave like people.
  • Audiences can interact with us. It’s an actual two-way conversation.
  • Online audiences can see things they aren’t able to attend.

Some of the negatives that I’ve encountered:

  • Streaming from an iPhone that is not plugged into an outlet does take some life out of the battery.
  • Comments from the viewers can disappear too quickly. That’s especially a problem when a lot of people are commenting. (Periscope actually closes comments to new viewers once a certain threshold has been hit in viewership. That controls the volume a bit.)
  • Make sure you are on wi-fi or else you might run through your data plan in no time.
  • Streaming a lot and saving those videos can fill up the iPhone storage. I like to do this from time to time so I can upload the videos to YouTube.

Overall, Periscope is a great tool and it’s growing in popularity. Try it!