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Retargeting is an advertising tactic that drops cookies on people’s computers once they visited your site.
Once they leave your site, they are continuously served ads on other sites  reminding them of your site, which could include products, services or other things you’d like them to do-like signing up for a newsletter, for example.

Retargeting is why you see ads for products that you recently looked at on the web.

Retargeting is also a great way for content marketers to reengage audiences. For example, people might come to your blog from social media, read the article and leave. An effective retargeting campaign, either on other sites or even on social media networks, can reminded them that they enjoyed your content and encourage them to return. Return visits can lead to email sign-ups, further engagement or purchase decisions.

Retargeting is a great technique to continuously build our audiences. Just keep in mind not to be up obnoxious about serving ads too often and too long.