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What’s the easiest and cheapest way to check my Instagram metrics in one place?

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instagram metricsThere have been third-party services that allow us to check Instagram metrics for a while. Then Instagram released metrics directly in the app, but they were on only a post-by-post basis for business profiles. Of course, the post-by-post view wasn’t that helpful because it missed the big picture, but at least I didn’t need another app.

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As of late January 2017, Instagram rolled out a more comprehensive metrics overview directly in the app. It shows you the top posts for the last week by impressions, reach, engagement and likes. You also can change the time period and sort by videos or pictures only.

Super easy to use and it was a necessary step for Instagram to take. The question, of course, remains whether or not people will use it and update their content based on what’s working and what’s not working. Twitter rolled out a similar function a while back after not offering metrics, and I use their native metrics all the time. I’m guessing I’ll pay more attention now to Instagram metrics as well. See the PowerPoint below for a detailed view on how to access them.

Metrics are right in the app and there’s no charge – unlike many third-party tools, which cost something.

This PowerPoint walks you through the different steps visually:

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