What to say in your social media bio…

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christoph trappe on twitterOur social media profile pages tell a lot about us and a lot of times are the first impression that we leave on people who are considering following us.

Some of the ones I’ve seen include:

  • People listing their family members: Father of 3, husband of 1, etc etc.
  • People listing their likes: I eat a lot and drink beers.
  • People listing life events: Survivor of an airplane crash, best known for xyz, etc.
  • People letting us know that they will follow back! (I hope that’s not the only thing they bring to Twitter. :))
  • People letting us know where they work but that this account is absolutely not connected to their employer. In no way. Any potential opinion stated is only theirs.
  • Some people call themselves experts, gurus, mavens, whatever.

So, what would I recommend to post in your about/profile section?

Whatever makes sense to that network’s specific audience (aka your followers). Some audiences might care about a specific person’s family and others not so much.

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On Twitter, I make sure people know what I do and talk about the most: Content marketing and other online marketing topics.

I also share what events I’m speaking at next. Usually events are related to content marketing to begin with so if new followers are planning on attending we can connect offline at some point as well. Meeting offline makes online connections stronger.

I also link to my blog.

On Instagram, I have a slightly different bio. I post slightly different content there than I do on Twitter. More #gymselfies, so I call that out in the bio. They belong on Instagram and not so much on Twitter.

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It’s great that there’s character limit so people don’t share their life stories. But figuring out what’s most relevant to a specific audience can be a challenge. Once we figure out  what we are going to be talking about on any given network and what our audiences are interested in, it’ll be easier to craft a meaningful bio that will help you attract even more connections.