What to do when people ask to submit guests posts on your blog!

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Should I even accept guest posts on my blog?

Once you get a successful blog going chances are at some point people will offer to write guest posts for you. Yay, more content! Well, not so fast. There are things to consider!

Of course the definition of successful blogging is highly subjective and depends on your goals but once people start talking to you, offering help that certainly is a sign.

I get probably three to eight emails a week from people who want to offer a post.

While my plan for this blog never included to accept guest posts I’m also highly opposed to not responding to people.

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So I started going through a mental checklist:

  • Who are these people?
  • What’s the intent?
  • With their story even fit on this blog?

And adding additional voices could actually help my strategy. One time a blog contest judge wrote me up for this blog appearing to be just a personal blog. And that’s very true. That is exactly what it is.

But I was starting to get a flurry of requests.

My first evaluation included whether or not I even knew them. If I’ve never communicated with them on social media or elsewhere is there even a relationship?

Some people would get that step out of the way by adding a note saying that they’ve read the blog for a time period and will reference a specific blog post.

If they signal that we have been connected or I personally know them I’ll have a further discussion with them.

If I don’t know them I will reply with this email template:

Thank you for your email.

Here are my fees and guidelines: https://authenticstorytelling.net/guest-post-guidelines/

Let me know if you want to proceed.

Please pay here and send post: PayPal.me/ctrappe/700.

If it’s not published for any reason I will refund half.

Clearly, if somebody is a personal blogger that’s most likely out of their price range. I understand.

But let’s be honest, me having to edit, review and publish an article also takes some of my time-time away from other paid work that I could be doing. Or my family.

And $700 is not that big of an investment for a brand – comparatively to other content marketing expenses anyway.

While guest posting might be a common tactic for some brands, personally I’ve seen limited success with it.

Some sites when they ask you to guest post they offer you the exposure. I’m pretty good at exposing myself. Lol. I mean that in a clean way. ? Traffic over – even from huge sites is often minimal.

And yes guest posting occasionally can bring in leads but ultimately we don’t own the content once it’s published elsewhere. I have done guest posts and will continue to do it occasionally if it makes sense but the cornerstone of my storytelling is to share my stories here. That’s also one reason why I don’t do roundup posts on here.

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But then, on the other hand of course I also want to encourage people to share their story. But brands who are after customers and who have a budget for content marketing, don’t expect me to help for free for what you have to pay for elsewhere. I’m not a volunteer Storyteller ???

Right or wrong, my thoughts on guest posts. Send me your thoughts and how you handle guess post and guest posting here.