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What should brands do on social media on a holiday?

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With the holiday season around the corner, what should brands say on social media?

In general, brands should only be talking about the holidays when they have something to do with them.

Everyone getting on Facebook and posting “Happy Thanksgiving” gets old quickly and is a bit lazy. It’s just as bad as some brands posting “Happy Friday” on a Friday.

The best social posts have some substance to them and relate back to a strong social media strategy.

One example for a nonprofit might be:

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the day, save money on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and we hope you support your community on Giving Tuesday.

They key is to share something unique to your organization that has something to do with the holiday. If there’s nothing you can share, it might just be better to remain quiet.

But, but, but our followers expect us to? Really? How do you know?

But my boss expects us to. See this post on bosses and audiences.

If you can be creative (and still appropriate) with a holiday that might work.

A few years ago, when I worked at a United Way as their VP of Communications and Innovation, the team came up with a 12 Days of Giving song, which was based on the 12 Days of Christmas song. Very creative and it made for a nice social media campaign. It was written, sung and produced in-house.

I’ve seen many brands – even ones usually inactive – share their simple happy holiday messages. Depending on the brand, I might even unfollow them.

I want value in my social media stream and being wished Happy Thanksgiving 87 times just doesn’t do that for me.

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