What marketing tasks are you looking forward to the most to be automated through artificial intelligence?

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That was one of the questions asked at the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference in Cleveland in 2019 – the inaugural event here.

Question for attendees at Maicon

What marketing tasks are you most excited to intelligently automated?

Some of the answers:

Automate budgets and spending to prevent scope creep

I like this idea and this can have a business impact. AI can tell us when we are out of scope and that can potentially take the need for project managers to remember out of the equation. One downside could be when it’s too rigid. Content marketing deliverables can be fluid so it’s not always like you bought 4 full apples, but maybe they are delivered in 2 full ones and 2 in halves. For example. Of course artificial intelligence could learn those intricacies over time.

Next listed was SEO. (Search Engine Optimization)

Today, some content creators just use their gut to try to pick the right keywords. Others have brainstorming sessions. Others yet use tools like Uber Suggest. Some do a mix.

The Yoast WordPress plugin is also a great tool that I use on here. It’s pretty automatic, but still requires some manual input. For example, I’m picking the keyword.

I would assume that AI will at some point tell us what it thinks the keyword would be recommended based on what I just wrote and then gives me options to optimize the content further.

Another one listed was resource allocation.

This is another good one but also assumes that certain tasks take certain amount of times. In the world of the billable hour – unfortunately – we try to say how long certain things tasks.

In a creative world, you can write a blog post in 30 minutes on a tight deadline or take 3 hours when you have the time. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to have a rough idea on average how long something takes. Automating that process within human reason sounds like a good idea.

Another idea: First drafts of content!


Personally, my first draft is easy and I would prefer AI to take it home, but getting content started is a good idea. Of course, AI already writes some routine sports stories.

If that’s true, it’s more and more important for content creators to add personality. If people read your content because of your personality and topic expertise that’s a niche that is not as easily taken over by AI.

Should we be afraid of people building their own personal brands?

Making videos out of articles!

This is a great idea and certainly part of Create Once, Publish Everywhere. We’ve seen podcasts being turned into books, articles into whitepapers and conference talks into webinars.

This is another spoke in the COPE model and the more we can automate COPE, the better.

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