What are the next technologies marketers must worry about?

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Catching up is nearly impossible in today’s fast moving marketing world! But that doesn’t mean we can’t try to stay up to date with the latest and the next technologies that we should use – or at least know about! I pride myself in staying on top of new trends and trying them quickly.

Virtual reality for marketers

For example, virtual reality video is a new storytelling technique I tried this year. Here’s an example I did for interiors + sources about a showroom in Chicago:

Watch in the YouTube app here.

Here’s an example from an active shooter drill from Buildings.com:

Watch in the YouTube app here!

If you end up watching in the app, I would recommend VR goggles headsets like these:

Here’s how to use VR to its maximum effect and output.

Artificial intelligence for marketers

AI is definitely an emerging area. There’s now a Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute and their conference is being held in Cleveland in July. While I know the basics, I’ve made this area a growth area goal for this year for myself.

I’m attending the conference as one of their influencers so my registration is covered as part of that. I used points for my flights and two nights in a Sheraton. So when I say: I’m investing in my future, I mean by using my points! 🙂

I’m also keynoting at DES Madrid and am flying Iberia – premium economy at least – on the way back from Madrid to O’Hare in Chicago. Iberia’s inflight wi-fi on that route is charged by usage so I don’t expect to use it much – if at all.

My strategy:

  • Download some work and work offline
  • Education!

I ordered a hard copy of the AI for Marketing book and will plan on making my way through that on the flight.

How to Make Your Customer Experience More Human—Using AI

Predictive marketing

One of my most unpopular opinion with some of you might be that I’ve said that A/B testing will disappear as personalization and predictive marketing evolve. I still believe that. 

Many teams’ current form of predictive marketing and content creation looks like this:

  • Let’s see what’s currently performing.
  • Let’s run an A/B test to see how this one thing performed.
  • Then the results are eye-balled and of course the teams try to guess how to apply what they just learned to future content creation and marketing.

In the evolving world of content creation, marketing/content ROI, and driving results predictive analytics and marketing will certainly continue to evolve and be more and more automated. 

With that in mind and me really trying to learn this year in these areas I also ordered a book on predictive marketing for my Madrid to Chicago flight.


Trying to grow is more important than ever in digital marketing, content marketing and publishing. These are just a few ways – and inexpensive ones (under $50 total) – that I’m following to help myself grow with the emerging fields and technologies.