What are super hearts on Periscope?

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

Periscope (aka Twitter Live video or audio) has always allowed logged in users to give hearts ♥️ to broadcasters.

Just click on the screen and the hearts will appear on the right:

Hearts are nice to get and are free to give. Instagram Live has a similar function.

Periscope even tracks how many hearts your broadcasts have received in total on your profile. I’ve received 15,000, for example.

I’ve had some success reaching people via my live-streams at periscope.tv/ctrappe and being more on Periscope also got me looking at what others are broadcasting.

That’s when I looked further into super hearts. That means you are sending even more or better hearts to the broadcaster.

Okay, why not. I tapped on the super heart icon.

And was invited to buy some:

I know the pressure trying to monetize everything, but are people paying to ultimately tell others they like their content?

Of course, I don’t have the financials for Periscope, but why would anyone buy these? I have bought useless stuff certainly and don’t see a reason why I would buy these!

I know it’s a bit of the “buying fake cows” in a virtual online environment thing. I already have real cows and they end up on my dinner table. Can I do that with the ones I buy online?

Maybe that’s the next frontier of marketing expense? Some companies used to and still do buy fake followers and likes. Maybe somebody somewhere is doing that: “We got 44,925 fake hearts. It’s a line item in our marketing budget.”


Anyway, that’s what super hearts are and I don’t know why audiences would pay for them and no idea if there’s a kickback to the creator. If there’s not why would they encourage them?

Broadcasters often say: “thanks for the <regular> hearts. Please keep tapping the screen.”

Maybe that was the monetization strategy.

Anyway, that’s what the super hearts are. I won’t expect many and certainly am not going to buy any.