Weekends are good for workouts

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Christoph_Trappe_SB_005Weekends are good rest days. But they are also good workout days.

While I like heading to the gym when it opens right at 5 a.m. on many weekday mornings, the weekends are another great time to hit the gym for a number of reasons:

More time

During the week, I’m a bit on a time schedule. Get there by 5, be home by 6:30 to help get my daughters ready for the day. Even if I have a good lift going at 6:15, I still need to be home by 6:30. On the weekends, there’s a bit more flexibility.

Fewer people (sometimes)

If I go first thing in the morning when the gym opens, there are few people around. This is also true for my early-morning weekday workouts, however.

Off days during the week

I sometimes skip off days. (That means I work out anyway.) I shouldn’t. I know. And I try to do better. I find taking off days on the weekend to be extremely difficult. On the weekends, I often just kind of hang around at home with my family. With the fridge just steps away it’s easier than during the week – when days are more packed – to snack and snack and snack. Those 200-300 calories snacks can of of course add up. Without a workout, there are fewer calories to go through on off days.

Some in the fitness community say to never skip Mondays! But when I exercise on the weekend, I often take Mondays as an off-gym day.

The kids

On weekend’s I can also drop my daughters off at the Kids Club at the gym. It’s open during the week, as well, but not when I go in the early morning before 8.

I like exercising on the weekends. It’s mostly a time thing, which leads it to be somewhat relaxing even. There’s no rush to get done.