We can’t copy our authentic stories from others

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The decision to share our authentic stories is also a decision to be unique and original.

We can’t copy our authentic stories from others.

You know how sometimes it can be easy to (over)analyze what our competitors are doing?

They are on the latest shiny social media network. So we join – even though we don’t really know what to do on there, yet.

They use Tactic A. So we use Tactic A – or at least try to.

It’s certainly good to know what social networks are taking off and fading away. It’s also good to keep up on new techniques, but ultimately the act of actually collecting and sharing our authentic stories is not that much affected by all of these things. In general, here’s how you share your authentic stories – if you want to:

  • Make decision to share authentic stories (in line with business objectives)
  • Collect stories
  • Share stories in a public and consumable way

This is pretty much how I shared stories as a newspaper reporter, later as digital storytellers and how I taught organizations  how to implement these kind of strategies.

It certainly is easier said than done, but it’s also not rocket science.

Knowledge of the latest tools and tactics is good and I personally like to try new techniques and tactics to see if they help me reach the community members I want to connect with.

Ultimately, though, my authentic story won’t change based on what everyone else is doing. This is my story and I’m sticking to it, I guess. Ha.

My unique value proposition might need to be tweaked some for clarity if others try to copy it, but even if that’s the case my authentic story remains my authentic story.

Of course, all of this assumes that we are living and sharing our stories and aren’t actually practicing traditional messaging.