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How virtual reality can actually earn 100 percent of concurrent consumer attention

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I’ve joked: Virtual reality to avoid actual reality.

And while that was a bit of a jab it’s true. Virtual reality when done well can demand 100 percent of concurrent content consumption attention. Does that still exist today? Rarely for me – except maybe in a movie theater where they kick me out if they see my phone screen on.

While I consider myself somewhat of a early adopter, sometimes I kind of ignore some new tech longer than a true early adopter would. That was the case with virtual reality.

I’ve seen the headsets including in the British Airways Lounge at London Heathrow. A few times even. I ignored them. I was busy watching airplanes or trying some beverages. LOL.

And then on a layover I ended up sitting right next to them so asked to get a demo. Here’s how that looked;

“The mouse is in your head. Look to what you want to watch and then click right.”


Yea, the mouse moves by my eyes and head moving.

They showed me a space craft story from the point of view of the astronaut 👩‍🚀. Kind of cool to look around, but something like that wouldn’t keep my undivided attention for longer than it did.

Was my carry-still near by?

Who was walking by?

Were they giving me looks?

What time is it?

Did I get any notifications on my phone?

LOL. You get the idea.

Apparently, the demo person told me, with the headset you can watch Netflix (which I watch), play games (which I don’t) and more and more shows are being added.

I like the concept but also quickly posted on Facebook that I don’t like how disconnected it makes you from things around you. You can still hear and I was slightly wondering why there were no headphones 🎧.

Either way, my initial criticism also might turn out the technology’s biggest strength. If we can get people to put the devices on and keep them on they will likely have marks on their faces. Joking, but I did wonder about that. Will the devices leave marks like the ones that are left on your face when sleeping really deeply? No idea!

Anyway, all joking aside. If we can get people to keep them on and watch our content, we basically have their attention. You literally can’t look at anything else. No second or third screen thing with virtual reality! Currently.

Now when I watch a game on TV 📺 I quickly grab my phone and Twitter or whatever to pass the time during commercials. You can’t really do that with a virtual reality headset on.

Will people keep them on for commercials? Some probably. Promise: I will not.

But if we – the content marketers and storytellers – can get people to put and keep the devices on their heads because we are sharing valuable content and stories that can be a real connector.

Of course it again comes back to creating content people actually want to consume!

We’ll see how it all evolves but my guess is most consumers won’t keep it on for an overabundance of ads. Maybe it’ll push us all to do even better storytelling.

Since it’s still a new channel there certainly is a chance for early entrance storytelling companies to set the pace and see what works.

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