[Video] How to publish longer videos on Instagram Stories? Will my recording cut off?

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I recently quit Facebook – again – so we will see how that’s going to shake out. Of course, something has to make up the void! I’ve been watching more YouTube, Hulu and have been focusing my social media storytelling on Instagram Stories. I also talk to my kids more – I think. 🙂

On Instagram Stories, I’ve done more with animations! So fun! I’ve played more with filters. Also cool. Sometimes silly. And I’ve definitely grown audience by more strategic hashtag use.

Instagram Stories videos are relatively short – just a few seconds each. But you can have a number of them right after each other. So how do you keep an ongoing video series – technically broken up by Instagram Stories segments – moving forward correctly?

As is often the case in social media, I stumbled across the answer while telling social media stories.

My 11-year-old daughter was playing piano and I was recording on Instagram Stories with a filter, of course. Here’s that video:

Of course, the song was longer than the allotted time in Stories – which is 15 seconds roughly.

But it’s a super easy workaround: When recording the video directly in the Instagram Stories function, just keep pushing the record button and the app creates the segments.

The end user can barely tell that it’s skipping just a bit between segments. Not a big deal.

Video storytelling; The unsettled debate: Which way to hold the phone for video shooting!

You can even still export the entire video using this technique at once. Of course, the video was shot vertically and won’t fill the horizontal YouTube screen (as you can see above) if that’s where you are planning on using it. So if that’s your main channel, maybe don’t shoot it in Instagram Stories.

But there’s a way to use horizontal – YouTube tilted videos, so to speak – within Instagram Stories. Here’s an example:

I shot the video outside the Instagram app with the native iPhone app. Then imported it into Instagram Stories, pushed it up, zoom it out some and added the conference hashtag. You can still see what’s happening and it’s a slightly different display.

So. Many. Things. To. Consider.

The options are endless but they also give us flexibility to tell the stories we want to tell in a personalized and creative way.