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Many options for video editing software exist for storytellers, content marketers and others who share their organizations and personal stories.

Some social media networks allow the instant sharing directly from your phone:

  • Vine (limits video to six seconds)
  • Instagram (well known for iPhone photos by its users also allows video)
  • WordPress (the blogging platform now allows direct uploads of videos into sites)

YouTube, the Google-owned network has the most monthly visitors, and now allows you to edit videos directly on the site.

Video editing software iPhone videoEditing tools exists for smartphones, including the iPhone. Find them in the respective app stores. Personally, I’ve found it hard to edit on a smartphone. I’ve found it easier to edit while shooting. How does that work? I think about my shot (fairly short obviously) and try to shoot it in one take. I could then just upload the single clip.

Adobe Voice, while not a video editing software program, is another tool that allows us to put multimedia presentations together. It uses audio of you telling the story and then adds  photos.

When I need to do a little more video editing I prefer to do that on my computer. Some of the professional video editing software tools cost hundreds of dollars and are not always in a storyteller’s budget.

Over the years, including at Eastern Iowa News and other projects, I have used Vegas Movie Studio. New versions have come out of the video editing software program. Usually one simplified one cost around $50 and one with a few more features cost around $100. Both work well and allow storytellers to edit good looking videos.