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Using big words prompts one question…

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What does that mean?

True experts will likely not skip a beat and simple explain the word. Sometimes the explanation is still filled with industry jargon, prompting more “What does that mean?” questions.

Other people throw around big words that they kind of know the meaning of, but can’t necessarily explain. But the words sound smart. Or so we might think.

For the most part, I prefer plain and simple language. Using words that are easy to understand and that don’t require us to go to are best. Most importantly, they help us get the story across in an understandable way.

Asking that clarifying question can be hard, too, for some people. Maybe I should know what that word means. Maybe I’m not as smart as they are if I don’t. Relax, not knowing is OK.

Spending much of my career as a journalist and corporate storyteller, it’s easy to ask for clarification. Maybe that’s the easy way out. 🙂

Either way, experts don’t get offended by questions and they typically can explain what something means in simpler terms when asked.

So, let’s ask away when we don’t know or understand something. And once we know, let’s not use those words again.

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