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U.S. Election 2016: How to use the new Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump masks on Periscope, the live video app

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Three days before the election in the United States, Periscope, the live social media video app, pushed out an update to offer Scopers the “opportunity” to put on a mask of the two presidential candidates and talk with that on. The masks’ mouths even move when you talk. Of course, I wanted to test and check it out. The video of that can be found below.

To get started you’ll have to go to the Apple App Store and update the Periscope app. Their update notes explain that this is a limited-time only offering. (Good!)

trump clinton masks periscope update

The update notes read: “Share your position.” Sorry, Periscope, but I personally don’t need to read or see any more people’s positions on the election. In fact, a friend may have said it best recently in a Facebook post:

Can I filter (to not see) certain posts based on keywords?

What a futurist concept, but I also do not need to see anyone else’s opinion on the election. I’m a fan of a spirited discussion, but I’ve made up my mind and voted-and many opinions aren’t that unique anyway.

I like the second part of that update very much: “Encourage people to get out and vote.” Yes! Totally. Please go vote. (Careful with the selfies at the polling place. A state-by-state overview of what’s allowed here.) I voted weeks ago. Absentee voting in Iowa starts in September and I’ll be at the Healthcare Internet Conference in Las Vegas on Election Day.

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Once you updated Periscope…

The two masks are front and center when you go live. They show up at the bottom of the screen:


As far as I can tell, that “Don’t forget to vote” graphic only appears on the broadcaster’s screen and isn’t shown to the viewers. It’s not visible on the Periscope replay or on the YouTube version below.

Once you see that, all you have to do is push one of their faces to activate the mask. For fun, here’s how that looked in my case. Hillary Clinton first:


And here’s the Donald Trump mask on me:

Donald Trump Periscope mask

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Here’s the YouTube version of the Scope where I tested this:

Will these Periscope features have impact?

Will it encourage people to go vote? No idea. Will I put the masks on again? Very unlikely. Will some people use the feature in questionable ways? Unfortunately likely.

I can’t tell yet if Periscope will thread these Scopes in an easy-to-follow way. Like will there be a section in the app, for example? Or will they be highlighted in another way?

For most brands, my recommendation would be to not use these masks at all. There are always exceptions, of course, but always ask yourself: “What does this have to do with my brand and my story?” For me using it once worked, because I often share my thoughts on new social media features. But besides this post and the video above, that’s all I’ll do with these masks.

So there’s that feature. Now we know. Happy Scoping and don’t forget to vote.

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