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UPDATED: How to create Twitter Moments from mobile or desktop

Christoph Trappe

December 10, 2016

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As of early December 2016, you can also create Twitter Moments from the mobile app. As is often the case with new social media features, it’s kind of hidden. In fact, I didn’t find it when I was looking for it and stumbled across it later while I was trying to do something else.

How to create Twitter Moments from mobile

Nope, don’t click on Moments. That would be too obvious and simple. Click on the Settings wheel. To the right of your profile photo.

twitter Moments

That gets you these options:

twitter Moments

Click on Moments. On the next screens, you can search for Tweets, add ones you’ve liked or tweeted.

twitter Moments

twitter Moments


Oct. 2, 2016 post
Starting in October 2016, Twitter started allowing everyone to create Twitter Moments.

Twitter Moments up to that point, were topical tweets curated by Twitter itself an shown in the Twitter Moments tab (aside from the regular Twitter stream). Popular topics were news, politics, sports and the like. I viewed Twitter Moments quite frequently and treated them as somewhat of a news source.

How to create your own Twitter Moments on desktop

You can only do this from a desktop/laptop computer, so if you are reading along from a phone, I’d recommend finding a computer first. It’s actually kind of strange to me how some things are only possible from some devices. For example, retweeting yourself only is possible from the mobile app.

creating Twitter momentsFrom your computer, go to and click on Moments (top left). Once there, on the far right it says: Create new Moment. Click on that.

Twitter will then ask you to pick a header image for the Moment and allows you to add your own tweets and other people’s:

adding things to twitter moments

I used a September 2016 trip as a test Moment and for the first one I did. You can view it here. It’s quite easy to do actually.

What to consider when creating Twitter Moments

I’ve seen some of the usual early adopters create Twitter Moments and it’s a nice way for organizations to organize topics and repurpose and republish them.

Things to consider:

  • Pick an interesting topic
  • Include other people’s tweets too! It’s not all about you.
  • Share a tweet that you just published a Moment. It prompts you to do that actually when you publish the Moment.
  • Give it a shot for a few times. Just because nobody looked the first time, doesn’t mean it won’t be more relevant one of the next times.

Twitter Moments wrap

It seems to be nice and community-minded to allow everyone to create their own Twitter Moments, but I can’t figure out if they work and if people care. I also wonder if my Twitter Moments tab will get overloaded if everyone does that. Regular tweets have metrics that are easily accessible. Not so with Twitter Moments. Maybe that’ll come later. For now, try them when the topic lends itself to them and see how people respond. At the least you can see if people interact with your Moments for now.

Was it worth doing for me? It’s really too early to tell. It doesn’t seem like there was much engagement at all, so maybe it won’t be worth doing, but I’ll give it a shot a few more times when possible. We’ll see after giving it a few more tries and I’m sure Twitter will enhance and update it anyway. Remember Periscope? I was totally done with that and Twitter made great updates to the live video platform to reach a wider audience.

Any thoughts on Twitter Moments? Tweet them to me at @ctrappe.

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