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[TRAVEL] Why I try to book air travel earlier than later

Christoph Trappe

August 20, 2017


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There are many studies are out there on when the best time is to book your air travel:

  • 10 weeks out
  • 12 weeks
  • On the weekend
  • Late at night
  • Etc.

And while I’m not disagreeing with anyone’s data here today, here’s what works for me and how I book my air travel: Once a trip is confirmed, book it. And that’s for a number of reasons that I will share here.

I use Google Flights to monitor costs and usually it looks like this:

It’s pretty much a flat line. Sometimes it goes up:

Very rarely do I see a huge decrease from when I first started monitoring. Once a Chicago-bound flight went from $750 to $260 and that convinced me to fly over driving. So it happens but it’s rare. So that’s factor number one.

But I do sometimes see huge increases, like this one  where the American Airlines flight jumped from $800 to over $2000. Mind you that’s economy and not even first class:

Changes like this are also one reason why I started not including travel cost in my professional services fees. For example, I quote a client-whether a conference or onsite workshop-an all-inclusive number and if that’s based on the current travel cost it can  really cut into my expected revenue if it jumps from $800-$2000.

The other day I saw a similar example where we were looking to book a trip for four to Puerto Rico. Four tickets were approximately $2800 and three days later that jumped to almost $3200.  Of course, there are many other ways I can spend $400 on a family vacation then just as an added fee for air travel. So I was glad that I booked before jumped.

The other thing is that the longer you wait the fewer good seats are available. Being 6’4” I prefer to get an aisle seat and in an exit row when flying economy. When I book months out (when that’s possible) I have plenty of choices. When I book flights coming up in weeks or days it’s not that uncommon that only middle seats remain:

For those reasons, I try to book as soon as possible.

Of course the seat situation is similar when I switch to a different flight the day before a trip. But whatever the reason to switch a flight was usually outweighs a middle seat.

When I book first class – where there’s no middle seat – a similar concept applies. I still prefer aisle seats over window seats. When should you consider booking first class? I always check the cost difference and sometimes it’s surprisingly minimal.


(This post was first written in May 2017 and updated in August 2017.)

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