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[TRAVEL] Two ways travel technology has recently helped me

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Technology can make our lives easier and of course harder. There are still plenty of times when technological solutions don’t work or aren’t keeping my specific customer journey in mind. 

But then there are the times when I’m  delightfully  surprised and when technology makes a transaction simple or helps me accomplish a goal on a tight deadline. Here are two  recent examples.

Uber helped me arrive quicker than the car could’ve

In June 2017 my family and I were in downtown Chicago to get a passport. The appointment was running just a little late and we had about one hour to get to Customs and Border Patrol at Chicago O’Hare airport for a Global Entry interview.

The car was parked about 10 minutes away and I didn’t think there was enough time for my nine-year-old and I to get the car  and to get to the interview at the airport. So my wife and our younger daughter decided to go and get the car and my nine-year-old and I opened the Uber app to see if an Uber could get us there on time.

According to the app which is readily installed on my phone I knew that we should get there with 20 minutes to spare before the appointment. So we ordered the Uber which was seconds away and were in our way to the airport. Now during the drive we ran into some traffic but the app continuously updated with our estimated time of arrival.

Depending on traffic the number kept creeping  up and down but we did eventually make it just in time for our appointment. Now, certainly I could’ve also taking a cab and just used another GPS app to figure out if I was on time or not. But the Uber app with everything in one place really made it simpler. Plus, I didn’t have to get my credit card out and wait for a cab driver to run my credit card. That could’ve been valuable minutes right there.

My wife and the younger daughter later picked us up after our appointment at the airport. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Uber app 

Booking first class in the Delta app

I fly around the country and the globe a lot and typically end up staying with American Airlines, where I have the most status.  But I did book a round-trip on Delta to take advantage of a voucher that was expiring. So I booked economy on the voucher and then later went back into the Delta app to see if I could upgrade. To my surprise and delight I saw that premium economy seats were one additional fee and first class upgrades was about twice the cost of the premium economy upgrade. But given I was able to buy the first class upgrade right there in the app – which is not currently possible in the American Airlines app-I did end up buying the first class upgrade. It was too reasonable of a cost and too easy to buy that I couldn’t resist.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – Delta app 

Technology travel wrap 

Because technology was helpful, readily available and highly useful it helped me as the traveler and it also made the respective companies money.  Useful and easy to use technology is a win-win for the companies and the consumers.

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