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[TRAVEL] How to use the Uber app in Berlin even though Berlin doesn’t have  many Ubers 

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I thought Berlin doesn’t allow Ubers so on a trip to speak at the Content Marketing Forum 2017 in Berlin I opted for taxis over a rental car for my ground transport. 

That was until I opened the Uber app, you know just to be sure it really isn’t working. And, yup, I couldn’t order an Uber but the regular Berlin cabs showed up. That could be easier to grab one and also to pay since that’s handled in the app – I thought. 

I later did spot an available UberX in the app and this German newspaper article published recently said a limo company partners with Uber.

I’ve actually seen cabs show up in the app in bigger United States cities – like New York City – but given that I was able to order an Uber I ordered an Uber. 

In the New York Uber we talked about it briefly and the driver even said he didn’t know why cabbies would do that. So that was that.

In Berlin, given that I needed a cab anyway,  I gave it a try and called my cab inside the Uber app, which even said no Ubers are available and that I should use the taxi function. The Lyft app didn’t offer this, by the way. 

The taxi arrived in 2 minutes – just like the app said. We greeted each other by first name. Just like I do with Uber drivers.

“So I just pay in the app, right?” I asked.

“Yes. Is it your first time using it?” the driver responded.

With a taxi – yes. It worked well and the whole process is virtually the same as with an Uber – except it’s a taxi. 

I loved it and appreciate not having to wait for the credit card transaction to go through. The app does that here.

My Uber account is also tied to my Sheraton loyalty account so I earn Sheraton hotel points when using it. Of course, the credit card I use for taxis outside the app also collects points nonetheless. But it’s also in the app, so collects points twice when I use it there.

Uber or taxi – the app works and is helpful – including in Berlin. 

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