TRAVEL: How to change your Waze GPS app’s voice to your daughter’s (or your own)

Estimated read time: 2 minutes

I use the Waze app all the time to find my way to client meetings, while on family vacations or really anywhere and anytime when I'm in a town where I don't know the way by heart.

In 2017 the crowd-sourcing navigation app rolled out a new feature that now allows you to record your own voice to be used as the voice that gives you directions. Of course the notification came up as I was heading out on a drive so I just dismissed it and forgot about it.

Sitting around on vacation in Maine my nine-year-old daughter and I took a look at the functionality and decided that the voice could be hers. In other words: she would now be telling me where to go. 😂🤔 #dadlife

The process is super easy and we get a little bit of a collective family chuckle out of when her voice comes on and gives us direction. Let me walk you through how to set it up.
Go to the app on your phone and if you haven't downloaded it go ahead and download it from the App Store.

From the home screen click on the settings icon-which is currently in the top left.

Then click on voice directions. In this screenshot you can see that I already have it named with our names. I had recorded some of them myself until we started recording the majority with my daughter's voice.

The app will then ask you to record a bunch of common directions given during navigation. This includes:

  • Turn left
  • Turn right
  • Exit right
  • In half a mile
  • Etc.

It took maybe five minutes to record all the different things-maybe shorter. And then there are also different versions of the distances. There is the metric system and also for the USA. Since we do have it set on the US system we didn't even record the kilometer directions.

I kind a like having the navigational voice be my daughters and the only drawback I've seen (or heard – 😱) so far is that using this personalized function I don't get to hear the names of the streets I am turning on.

For example, when I use one of the pre-programmed voices they say "turn right on" whatever street. And they say the street name. Granted, sometimes the pronunciation isn't 100% on target but they still say the street name. Using my daughter's voice that functionality completely disappears and she just says "turn left."

Hearing the street name is a nice feature because it allows you the opportunity to doublecheck that you are turning on the right street. But it's really a small concession and it's kind of fun to hear your daughter give the directions and the family over all enjoyed that very much.