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TRAVEL: How I choose an Uber or rental car while traveling 

Christoph Trappe

September 21, 2016

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Ubers and rental cars both have their advantages and sometimes one is cheaper than the other. With apps for both on my phone, I can easily figure the difference out before going on trips. 

Let’s take a September 2016 Oklahoma City trip as an example. It’s a down and back day trip. Flying over in the morning, back that night – so literally just a few hours in town to speak at a conference. 

First of, I have to figure out in the Uber app if Uber even picks up at the Oklahoma City airport. And it does. There still appear to be some cities that don’t allow Uber to pick up at airports. Oklahoma City isn’t one of those – fortunately. 

Next, I open the Hertz rental car app to see how much the rental would cost me. So for this trip, here’s how that looked:

Basically, I needed a car for five hours.

The total cost would be $77.05, plus gas.

Next, I went to the Uber app to check that estimated cost. The app allows you to change your location to anywhere and then add your destination. I did this while in Iowa: 
After setting the pickup location and before actually ordering the Uber I can ask for an estimate: $12-16 one way. So $32 roundtrip, which is less than half of the rental car cost in this case. 

So, in this case, I’m going with Uber. Mostly because of the cost and it’s most likely a little more convenient:

  • No need to look for parking
  • No refueling 
  • No drop off of car

But there are cases when I will likely always prefer a rental car and I do rent around 20 cars per year from  Hertz:

  • When I plan on doing a lot of driving 
  • Multi-day trips
  • When I know Uber isn’t as readily available.
  • When I travel with my family. Just easier to have a car with the kids. 

If you do rent cars from time to time make sure to sign up for the Hertz Gold program so you don’t have to wait in line.  Plus, once you’ve rented a certain amount of cars you’ll get free upgrades.  
My favorite upgrade story still is when Hertz upgraded me to a Chevy Camereo but I had to ask for a different car since I had three people with me and there just wasn’t enough room for all of us on there. 

There are advantages to Ubers and to rental cars. I use both. It just depends on the situation, length of trip and how far I have to go – among other things. 

Occasionally, I fetch a taxi as well. In Las Vegas, for example, they are much easier to meet up with since Ubers can only pick up in a few spots. In those cases, I might do a cab as well. 

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